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Strongest Earbuds

I have this problem with earbuds. They keep breaking. Sure I have come up with a few Jaynky solutions (cannibalizing 3 different earbuds to build one working one), but I was tired. I w anted to find an earbud that could keep up with my lifestyle. I believe I found it with the Go Groove heavy duty earbuds. (you can buy them here on this affiliate link–> https://amzn.to/2V7UT2G)  


-Very high durability: Of all the many earbuds I have tried. These are by far the most sturdy. The encasing for speakers are of what appears to be aluminum, not the regular plastic. Another thing I have noticed is that many earbuds break at the audio jack part. To fix this, the jack is encased in silicone. The other weak part (the split) is also encased in silicone. This makes it very sturdy. I have small ears. Really small ears. So small, the smallest silicone tips are too small. That is why I enjoy the nice silicone inserts that go inside the ear, not outside.



-I am not particular about sound quality. Sure high quality earbuds are nice, but it is not my top concern when purchasing earbuds. That said, the sound quality is about average.



For me the most important thing about earbuds is durability. These pass that test (I have been using them non-stop for months). They are also affordable and decent sound quality. I would give these a solid pass.