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Jaynky vs Janky. What's the difference?

Janky has a connotation of being bad. Images of cars fixed with corrugated metal come to mind like this one. janky-car

That is not what Jaynky is about. At its core, being jaynky is more than just style or community, it is a belief. A belief in not accepting the reality of what is given to you, but it is instead adapting and modifying it. Why? For the simple reason that what we get is not good enough. We can build it better. We can increase functionality. We can succeed.

What does that look like? Glad you asked. There are four pillars to being truly Jaynky. Here they are in order of importance:

  1. Unorthodox.

Building something yourself, modifying a product, or creating something by definition is unorthodox. To be unorthodox requires true creativity and ingenuity. Not that following convention is bad. On the contrary, convention can be a useful tool. However, there is a time to be unorthodox and a time to forge ahead, to create your own convention. Being jaynky is about that.

  1. Well Built

Unlike janky, being well-built and sturdiness is an integral (pun 100% intended) part of being Jaynky. Some advice I got was “if you don’t have time to build something right the first time, you will not have time to fix it a second”. No matter the creativity or ingenuity, if your project fails when it is used, or your fix breaks within hours, what good is it? Make something amazing that works and does not break.

  1. DIY

Re-inventing the wheel gets a bad rap. Don’t get me wrong. Building on the success of others is integral to live on a daily basis. However the knowledge and skills gained by Doing It Yourself can often be worth the cost in time and money. Not only that but DIYing it means that you will have a product that is truly yours and something that you can be proud of.

  1. Epic Design

Do not underestimate the power of the visual. How we look, what we use looks, and what we build looks is more important than one would think. If you spend hours building something for yourself that is well built (as in the aforementioned pillars) make it look as awesome as it works. Make. It. Look. Epic.

That my friends is what Jaynky is vs janky.

Be Jaynky.