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Streamlining Your Life with Bash Scripting

Automating Your Pipeline with Gulp

Strongest Earbuds

I have this problem with earbuds. They keep breaking. Sure I have come up with a few Jaynky solutions (cannibalizing 3 different earbuds to build one working one), but I was tired. I w anted to find an earbud that could keep up with my lifestyle. I believe I found it with the Go Groove heavy duty earbuds. (you can buy them here on this affiliate link–> https://amzn.to/2V7UT2G)  

Epic Java Script clock

Glitch uses the P5.js reference library to make fascinating programs. Check out the epic clock he built.

Join the Community

An important part of Jaynky.com is learning from each other and getting inspired. Today, my awesome team of moderators and I are launching a Jaynky.com discord server. This is a great opportunity for you to connect, share your projects, ask questions, and pickup new skills.

Sound Blink

The sound blink is an incredible unique portable speaker. Check out Adhith’s project page on Hackster

Building Renewable Projects

This next post is written by Edmund Celis. Check out his Hackster project on building a DIY Solar Powered Car Battery Charger

Jumbled Code

There are few things similar to the rush and excitement of a participating in a robotics competition. Lexi is a co-leader of an FTC robotics team. Enjoy this story as she recounts some her adventures in the crazy fun world of competitive robotics.

DIY Insane $15 Solar Powered Battery Bank

I have a confession. I am a little bit of a battery nerd. Let’s face it, they are awesome. POWER! Okay lets get to the point. I found a great way to make an inexpensive battery bank that I have not plugged in. The key to cutting costs is scrapping. You can read this tutorial on Hackster I made The case itself is rather useful. Its inexpensive and a great way to control the quality of the battery bank. It is so great, I have built three. You can get them here: https://amzn.to/2TpKfD8 (yes tha...

Jaynky vs Janky. What's the difference?

Janky has a connotation of being bad. Images of cars fixed with corrugated metal come to mind like this one.